Terms of Use

Express Tax Claims

Terms of Use

You agree to Express Tax Claims deducting the fee from your repayment, which will first be paid to Express Tax Claims by HMRC. We will then transfer the balance to the bank account of your choice without delay. It will be a standard bank transfer and subject to the bank's normal clearing times. If you would prefer to be paid by cheque, a £1.50 administration charge is applicable.

Our fees are based on reducing your tax liability. In a case whereby you owe tax to HMRC but we secure a reduction in the amount you owe, fees apply to amount of the reduction, not the refund alone.

Should HMRC send a refund direct to you as a direct result of the work carried out by Express Tax Claims, our stated fees will still apply. Express Tax Claims will take all legal and necessary measures to secure payment.

In some instances, a refund is not due and we will contact you for cleared payment of our fees before we submit your claim/Tax Return. If payment hasn't cleared our account by the tax return deadline and therefore your submission is late, then you will be liable to pay any penalties applied by HMRC.

It is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide us with is true and accurate. If you provide us with false information and this results in HMRC demanding you to repay any rebate you received, Express Tax Claims will not refund any fees paid, nor repay any falsely declared overpaid tax.

Since Express Tax Claims rigorously adheres to the rules set out by HMRC, we reserve the right to decline business if necessary and will inform you without delay if this becomes the case.

Express Tax Claims will not divulge your information to any third parties.

We might send some marketing information from time to time.

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