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At Express Tax Claims we love a success story as much as our customers do. We have strived since our inception to provide a superb service that achieves its goal of claiming back tax for our customers. With our quick and streamlined process making a tax claim is simple and nearly always successful. With a near 100% success rate we ensure that your claim is handled professionally and expertly from start to finish. Below some of our happy customers have been kind enough to provide a little about their story using our services at Express Tax Claims. To get your tax claim underway just contact us today.
  • Tax Claims for Carpenters

    Graham Day
    Tax Claimed: £2,300

    When I found Express through google, I had been stung hard by another tax claims company when I tried to claim tax back for the last few years spent working on various sites around the South East. After my initial claim was left up in the air I decided to get a second opinion from the guys at Express Tax Claims. It real was as simple as filling in the contact form and Mandy promptly rang me later in the day to discuss my claim.

    I had been told by the other firm that my tax claim would be around the £600 mark, however when Mandy informed me that I was eligible to claim back for expenses such as travel and accommodation, I soon realised that I could be earning much more with these guys.

    I couldn't recommend them highly enough, a friendly, professional and caring service that make sure you are covering every base when it comes to your tax claim

  • Tax Claims for Plasterers

    James "Jim" Brown
    Tax Claimed: £4,240

    Hi my name is James Brown or Jim to those who know me and I am a professional plasterer from Sheffield working with one of the largest residential construction companies in the UK. Normally I am situated on a building site for 2 - 9 weeks before I am moved on to another site. I used to cover all of my own costs in terms of travel and clothing without realising that I was entitled to claim these costs back from the tax that I had already paid.

    I was recommended to take a look at this site by a new temporary worker that was helping out last year he mentioned how he runs all of his tax claims through Express Tax Claims, I read through the information and realised that I had nothing to loose by giving it a go so I contacted Mandy and she got everything sorted for me.

    I was extremely happy with the tax claim that they were able to get back for me, and the £4,240 will go a long way to getting me a new van that I desperately need and now I can claim for my mileage.

  • Tax Claims for Builders

    Steve Goldman
    Tax Claimed: £3,250

    I have been working on building sites for almost 20 years, at first on small sites professing up to one of the largest construction companies in the UK. It amazed me that throughout my career it was only recently that I was made aware just how much money I had been missing out on by not making tax claims for the work I had done on temporary sites.

    Mandy at Express talked me through the entire process and asked me about my work history, pinpointing exactly where I was able to make a claim and just how much tax I was entitled to.

    These guys have been fantastic, it was such a simple process to go through and it was simply a case of sitting back and watching the money hit my account.

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