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To claim your tax refunds or file your taxes, look no further than Express Tax Claims. Based in Tunbridge Wells, we serve clients across the UK.

Our terms

We've worked hard to ensure that our terms are simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Our fee structure is set out in black and white so you can easily see what your fee will be in line with the size of your claim.

We charge 24% +VAT of the tax claim with a minimum fee of £99 +VAT. When we make a successful claim on your behalf your rebate is sent to us and we then deduct our fee before forwarding it on to you. Once this process is complete you will not incur any other fees.

You would receive £1068! 

We would receive £432 
If your tax claim was £1500

Our fee structure

Our fee structure is as stated above and forms part of our Terms of Business.

The stated fee becomes payable if we are successful in obtaining an initial tax rebate on your behalf or reduce your tax liability to HMRC. The fee will be deducted from the total repayment received by Express Tax Claims and the balance will be repaid to you.

In the event of a repayment being sent directly to you rather than Express Tax Claims, as your Agents, the fee will still be payable in accordance with the published tariff. In entering into this agreement you authorise the deduction of our fee from the repayment received by us before it is paid to you.

Where the tax liability is reduced and no repayment is due, the fees opposite will still apply. Once the claim has been completed your file will be stored, free of charge, for the period required by HMRC.

Average claims

We've calculated the average value of claims made with us based on the refunds received by our clients during the year to 5 April 2013 in relation to construction workers' expenses claims for 2011/12 only and discovered that our clients received an average of £1,200 when they used our service. Does this sound too good to be true?

Although we take a modest percentage of your claim as our fee, we believe that our exemplary record of successes and incredible customer service are well worth the cost. 

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Repayment/relief of £412.50 or less will attract a minimum fee of £99
Fee for repayment/relief of £412.51 or more is charged at 24%

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