PAYE Tax rebates

As a PAYE Construction Worker you may be able to claim a rebate for your journeys travelling to and from the site. We’ll let you know whether you’re entitled to a PAYE tax rebate. You will experience fast PAYE tax rebate with us! What have you got to lose?

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At any point in the last 4 years...

  • Did you drive your own vehicle to work sites?
  • Did you work at different locations?
  • Did you pay for your own travel expenses (eg fuel)?
  • Were you paid by PAYE (on the books with payslips)?
If you answered YES to all of the above, you have just made the first step towards claiming your PAYE tax refund.

Don't think so?

Even if you had some of your expenses paid by your employer or perhaps you used a form of public transport you are likely still entitled to claim PAYE tax rebate.

On average we claim back £1,200* per person per year for PAYE Construction workers. So if you've never claimed back paye tax before, your first refund could be over £4,000. We only get paid when you get paid so there's nothing to lose.

It's so easy to get started. We have friendly and helpful staff on hand looking forward to securing your PAYE tax rebate.

What's the next step?

Firstly we will take the load, and do all the work. All that you have to do is to provide us with two pieces of information; where you worked and when. This will then allow us to calculate the costs you may have incurred and in turn help us to calculate your rebate. All the form filling will be done by us so do not fear.

Once that step is complete we will then send your claim away to the taxman for payment, and continue to enquire as to the status of your claim.

Once your claim has been received by us we send it out to you minus our fee.

Claim Tax Rebate

* This is based on the refunds received by our clients during the year to 5 April 2013 in relation to construction workers' expenses claims for 2011/12 only.

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"I never realised just what I was missing. I had never claimed back my paye tax until I came across the guys here at ETC and was able to claim back several years worth in one single claim. Superb team, with fantastic customer relations!"

Gavin Turner, Watford

"I've not got a bad word to say about the guys at ETC, they have been fantastic from start to finish"

Troy Blake, Manchester

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