Some frequently asked questions to clear up any confusion

Questions and Answers

Who Qualifies?

If you are:

PAYE (Pay as You Earn) / on the books
You must drive your own vehicle to various sites
You must work at temporary sites for the same Employer (not an Agency)

Self-Employed / CIS
You automatically qualify for a claim

What if I have already submitted a Tax Return for that tax year?

We can still claim any unclaimed expenses by submitting an amended Tax Return

What if I didn't keep my fuel receipts?

No problem. We claim your rebate based upon the number of miles you’ve travelled to do your job.

Can my partner claim - she has worked at the same place for 10 years and it's 30 miles away?

No. You can only claim a tax rebate for your mileage expenses if you travel to temporary work sites and not on a fixed term contract which is always based at the same place.

What if the company I was working for has gone bust? Can I still claim?


What if I'm dyslexic?

We can take your details over the phone so you don’t have to fill out your own forms.

What if I already did a Tax Return but didn't claim any mileage?

We can amend your Tax Return and claim a tax rebate for your mileage.

Can I only claim for the bit when I was subbing?

No. You can claim for your travelling even when you're paying PAYE tax.

What if I lost my P45?

We can get a copy of this from HMRC

Can you call me in the evening?

Yes. Let us know when you’d like a call and on which number. Click here to contact us

What is a P11d?

It’s a form similar to a P60 which only a few people receive. It details their ‘Benefits in Kind’, for example, private medical insurance or company car tax which you employer might provide.

What if I can't find my Contract of Employment?

Let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

What does my tax code mean?

The standard tax code for 4/2015 is 1000L. The general rule is to take the numbers and add a 0 (zero) to the end of it. This tells you how much you can earn before you pay any tax. In this case you can earn £10,000 before you pay any income tax.

How come a colleague worked at the same sites but got more money than me?

Perhaps they live further away than you. Maybe they are taxed at a higher rate and therefore get a higher rate of tax relief. Perhaps they had been on the wrong tax code and paid too much tax for some of the tax year. There are lots of governing factors.

If the only thing that's changed this year are the sites I was at, do I still need to complete the whole form?

No. We can take the details over the phone that have changed. You can contact us by clicking here

What is Self Assessment?

If you are in Self-Assessment then HMRC will be expecting a Tax Return from you every year, unless they write to advise you otherwise. We will complete your Tax Return when we claim your mileage. Be sure not to miss the deadline of 31st January for submission as HMRC imply heavy fines for late submission.

Can I email you?

Yes. Our email address is

What if I get an enquiry?

We are here to help to substantiate your claim. So long as the information you provided us was full and correct then there should be no difficulties.

Can I still claim if I am an apprentice?


What if I already get some expenses paid?

We can ‘top up’ your expenses to the full entitlement.

What about my travel from lodge to site?

We can also claim a tax rebate for your travel from lodge to site.

Can I claim for parking?

Yes. You can claim tax relief for your parking but not for fines or penalties.

What if I give someone a lift?

Let us know. You will be entitled to a little extra.

Can I claim for meals?

We can claim a small amount for meals if your employer expected you to lodge away. Let us know if you worked any unsociable hours.

How do I make a claim?

Step 1
Call us on 01892 704279 or
Complete our online form.

Step 2
Sign and return the forms with the documents specified in our pre-paid envelope (usually your P60 or CIS statements and ID)

Step 3
Await payment

Do you need all my fuel receipts?

No. We claim your rebate based upon the number of miles you’ve travelled to do your job.

Can I claim for the service on my car?

If you are CIS then the answer is YES. If you are PAYE then the answer is NO

How far back can I claim?

4 whole tax years.

Will it affect my employers?


How much can I get?

There is no limit but on average we claim  1,200* per person, per year. Click here to use our Tax Calculator
*This is based on the refunds received by our clients during the year to 5 April 2013 in relation to construction workers' expenses claims for 2011/12 only.

Do I still need an accountant?

No. We will complete your Tax Return as part of the process, so no need to pay twice. Just tell us everything which needs to be included on your Tax Return.

Surely I can't claim if I'm on the books/PAYE?

Yes you can.

What if I haven't got my P60?

We can often use your last payslip – week 52 or week 53 of that tax year. We can also get a copy of your P60 from HMRC on your behalf.

Why don't you need my fuel receipts?

Because your tax relief is calculated on the number of miles you’ve travelled to do your job.

Can you call me back?

Yes. You can request a call back by clicking here

What is a temporary work site?

It’s a site you work at for a limited duration of time with the expectation to move at any point.

Can you change my tax code?


What should my tax code be?

If you have just one job and are not drawing a pension then you should be on the standard tax code for the year. Between April 2013 and April 2014 this is 944L.

How come last year I got less but travelled the same amount?

Perhaps you are earning more money now and are a higher rate tax payer. Maybe last year you had underpaid tax. There are lots of governing factors and we can look in depth at your own tax affairs and explain your own circumstances.

Can you tell HMRC I have moved?

Yes. Let us know your new address and we’ll do the rest. Click here to send us a message

Can you text me your address?

Yes. Text us on 07860 021981 with any question and we’ll text you back. Texts cost standard network charge.

Will you let me know when you get my paperwork?

Yes, we will call, email or text you to let you know it’s arrived safely.

Will I have to pay anything back?

Only if you had an Enquiry with HMRC and they found inaccuracies in the information you provided.

How many pence per mile can I get?

45 pence for the first 10,000 miles and 25 pence per mile thereafter.

What if I pay more for my lodge than I pay out?

Let us know and we can get you some tax relief.

Can I claim back my toll expenses?

Yes. You can claim tax relief on your toll expenses and parking expenses.

What if I use public transport?

You can still claim. Let us know how much you pay.

What if I had a company van for some of the year?

Let us have the details and we will just claim the bits you’re entitled to.

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