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Would you like to offer your staff more benefits, but don’t have the time, budget and/or know how? Well, the answer is here!

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A bit about our Staff benefits

Express Tax Claims works closely with construction companies to offer a new staff benefit which requires very little input financially or otherwise.

We specialise in offering companies the opportunity to allow their staff to apply for tax rebate through Express Tax Claims. Whether your staff are employed through PAYE or sub- contracting under CIS (Construction Industry Scheme), they are probably entitled to claim tax relief. Even if you pay staff travelling expenses or mileage, if they are using their own car/van or paying for public transport, then there is probably more that can be claimed.

With a 100% record from our 2012 HMRC review, Express Tax Claims is the ideal choice for employers.

What is needed from you as the employer

  • Initially we will hold a consultation with your company to establish eligibility. We also think it important for both parties to know who they will potentially be affiliated with.
  • We welcome any due-diligence you wish to undertake and a background to Express Tax Claims can be found here.
  • We will then fully white label the benefit (if requested).
  • Each potential qualifying member staff answers 4 simple questions, once completed we consult and qualify each member of staff on your behalf.
  • We’ll give you and your staff a dedicated account manager to centralise your point of contact.
  • There is no cost attached to the employer so this benefit is totally free of charge.
  • We converse directly with staff to help them with paperwork and speak with HMRC on their behalf.

This is a great way to engage your staff, improve morale and maximise staff retention. With pay rises difficult in the current climate, this is the ideal solution.

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"I have used Express Tax Claims every year and am always impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service. This year I banked every penny because I have referred so many people."

Mark Walker of Lowestoft

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