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The Top Five Tax Claims PAYE Construction Workers are Missing Out On

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construction tax claimsIf you’re a PAYE construction worker employed on a temporary site then like thousands of others, you could be losing out on money you’re entitled to by not making tax claims. As a temporary self-employed construction worker there are a host of things you could be claiming for, but what are the five most common tax breaks that construction workers miss out on? Read our quick guide to find out and to discover how you can ensure you don’t miss out on making a claim for the tax rebates you’re entitled to.

What can I claim for?

As a PAYE construction worker you can claim for a variety of different things, but here are the top five tax claims you may be missing out on.


The cost of running a car seems to grow ever more expensive, not least because of the extortionate price of fuel. Self-employed construction workers can put in a mileage claim and get back a percentage of the money they spend on fuel each year which could make a massive difference to the money you spend on getting to and from work, especially if you commute for a long distance.


Although in most towns and cities travelling by bus is relatively cheap, trains, trams and other forms of transport can still cost the earth. When working on a temporary site you can make a claim for the money you spend travelling on public transport which will help to take the sting out of your morning journey.


Many employees spend far more than they realise on food when they’re at work, especially if they buy lunch every day. Construction workers can make a sustenance claim even if their employer has already provided them with a food budget so you could end up eating like a king for just a couple of pounds a day.


When you’re working on a temporary site away from home the cost of living can really add up, even if you’re offered an accommodation bursary by your employer. However, it’s possible to claim back some of the money you spend on the cost of somewhere to stay from the tax office which will certainly help to make life easier.

Safety Clothing

Safety clothing costs and if you want to follow health and safety provision and stay safe on site it’s essential to invest in good quality safety clothing. If your safety gear such as work boots, helmets or gloves are lost stolen or damaged whilst on site you can make a claim for the cost of replacing them.

Am I Eligible?

If you work on a site for less than twenty four months and utilise PAYE you are eligible to make a claim dating back over the last four years and if you haven’t kept all your receipts don’t worry, you can use a tax claims company to make a claim for you and you won’t need to provide them with receipts or documentation. So now you’re in the know make sure you take advantage of the tax breaks you can enjoy as a PAYE construction worker.

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