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george osborne carbon taxAt Express Tax Claims we like to keep on top of any news that could effect tax claims for the construction industry. Last week the Construction Products association (CPA) is amongst several bodies calling for the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to rethink the current carbon price floor in his address this autumn.

Speaking at this year’s CPA conference Chairman Geoff Cooper told an audience of almost 600 government members and industry leaders that the CPA was supportive of the government’s initiative to deliver low cost building that was also low carbon in order secure the future of the manufacturing sector and ensure that the UK remains innovative, modern, vibrant and competitive. But he explained that the energy price rise is not only affecting domestic householders, but also business, which is being dangerously impacted by the lack of security surrounding energy supply and the continually rising prices. Continue reading

Latest NHS tax news: According to a recent report in The Independent more than 30 firms running care services on behalf of the NHS in the UK are avoiding paying millions in tax due to legal loopholes.

nhs taxAn investigation by The Independent and Corporate Watch found that by receiving high interest loans through the Channel Islands stock exchange firms are enjoying significant cuts to tax payments on profits made in the UK. By paying large amounts of interest on loans from parent companies, firms are reducing their bottom line and cutting tax bills. Continue reading

A recent report which stated that over 800,000 new homes would need to be built in the capital by 2021 in order to meet demand has prompted several London councils to join forces and come up with an action plan to tackle the housing crisis, and you guessed it, it involves new forms of taxation. Good news for our construction workers and their tax claims you would think.

land tax new housing

Continue reading

Construction Tax Refund Secrets

construction tax refundIf you’re a PAYE construction worker then you could be kissing goodbye to hundreds of pounds each year in a potential unclaimed construction tax refund. Provided you work as a self-employed construction worker on a temporary site you can claim for a whole host of things that will give you extra financial support in your day to day life.

Read on to find out the tax secrets that every construction worker should know and make sure you don’t miss out on the money you’re entitled to. Continue reading

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