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There is an ambitious plan for Wales that means there will be lots of new contracts up for grabs. Before starting on a new site it’s always worth checking your accessibility to tax rebate as thousands goes unclaimed every year. Let’s look at the details:

tax rebate for construction workers

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This is an introductory offer available to any individual who has not yet claimed with Express Tax Claims. The offer applies to the 2013/14 tax claim only. Tax claims for any other tax year will be subject to the normal fee structure as detailed on our website. Signed Terms of Business must be received by Express Tax Claims no later than 30th June 2014 to be eligible for the Special Introductory Offer. Continue reading

All construction workers are in risk in terms of fuel theft. It doesn’t only cause damage to your vehicles but also lead to a loss of money and an extra tax load. The key is to educate people, make them aware. Also if you have been paying for your own transportation and fuel then you are entitled to a tax refund. You can easily submit your tax return by using our online tax return services.

submit tax return for paye tax

If you work in construction the chances are you are required to drive vehicles on site regularly. With fuel theft increasing on a weekly basis your industry is one of the largest at risk. Fuel fraud or even laundering is also now some of the most popular crimes being committed, so every one on site, whatever their role needs to be more vigilant. Some site managers may be tempted to buy batches of cheap fuel, however most of the laundered fuel has been filtered through chemicals or acid that does real damage to fuel pumps in vehicles, costing thousands to rectify.

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Three Simple Steps to a Tax Rebate

If you’re a self-employed construction worker then you could be entitled to tax rebates on a number of expenses! Tax is big news in the media at the moment as more and more giant multinational companies and global behemoths are getting away with paying minuscule amounts of tax, whilst the average blue collar worker is forced to pay through the nose.

So why not make like the fat cats and make the most of your tax entitlements? Believe it or not you can make a claim for a rebate on sustenance, travel, accommodation, equipment replacement and more – so if you’re not taking full advantage when it comes to tax then take a look at the following three steps that will tell you how to get your cash back quickly, easily and with no hassle. Continue reading

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