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Tax SpecialistsDid you know that PAYE construction workers employed on a site for a period of two years or less can claim tax refunds on mileage, transport, sustenance, accommodation and equipment replacement costs? What’s more, if you’ve yet to take advantage of these tax breaks you can backdate your claim as far back as four years, offering the maximum benefit if you decide to make a claim.

What you can claim for as a PAYE construction worker employed on a temporary site:

  • Mileage – if you drive to and from work every day you can claim back a percentage of your fuel costs based on the number of miles you travel.
  • Transport – using the bus or train to get to work is good for the environment and as you’re able to claim back tax on the cost of public transport, it’s good for your bank balance too.
  • Sustenance – believe it or not you can even claim back tax on the price of your daily sandwich and double espresso, which could add up to a sizeable amount if you buy your lunch on a daily basis.
  • Accommodation – Living in temporary rented accommodation like bed and breakfast can be expensive but PAYE workers can make a claim on the cost even if they’ve been given cost of living funds by their employer.
  • Equipment if you’re specialist safety equipment such as boots, protective eyewear or hard hat is damaged, stolen or lost you can claim back the cost of buying new gear to replace it.

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