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A carpenter from Portsmouth has been jailed for 5 months after deciding to try and cheat the system with his tax claims and getting caught red handed by the HMRC.

tax claim fraudWhen submitting multiple Self Assessment tax returns with the view to steal thousands of pounds in illegal tax rebates. Oliver Ford, 28, lied about his turnover, tax deductions and expenses resulting in £19,469.96 being wrongly awarded to him by HM Revenue and Customs. The illegal repayment claims amounting to £26,405.66 were for June 2008 to November 2012. £19,469.96 was actually paid to him. Other payments were withheld as part of the HMRC investigation. Continue reading

Three Simple Steps to a Tax Rebate

If you’re a self-employed construction worker then you could be entitled to tax rebates on a number of expenses! Tax is big news in the media at the moment as more and more giant multinational companies and global behemoths are getting away with paying minuscule amounts of tax, whilst the average blue collar worker is forced to pay through the nose.

So why not make like the fat cats and make the most of your tax entitlements? Believe it or not you can make a claim for a rebate on sustenance, travel, accommodation, equipment replacement and more – so if you’re not taking full advantage when it comes to tax then take a look at the following three steps that will tell you how to get your cash back quickly, easily and with no hassle. Continue reading

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