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This is an introductory offer available to any individual who has not yet claimed with Express Tax Claims. The offer applies to the 2013/14 tax claim only. Tax claims for any other tax year will be subject to the normal fee structure as detailed on our website. Signed Terms of Business must be received by Express Tax Claims no later than 30th June 2014 to be eligible for the Special Introductory Offer. Continue reading

As we have always stated we (Express Tax Claims) always try to go the little bit further for you than any of our competitors do.

asa-logoWhen we released a fresh updated look for our website, we included some facts and figures that a potential customer could use as a guideline of what they could expect to claim.

When our competitors had seen that we were advertising an average tax refund amount of £1200 per year per client, they simply could not believe what they were seeing so called in the ASA to investigate.

We could not be more proud to say that ASA found most of their claims (three out of four) to be invalid and were judged as “Not Upheld”, as we were completely able to prove that actually these average claims were in fact completely accurate.

The one claim that was “Upheld” was one regarding comparison of service costs, because unlike our competitors we do not differentiate in costs/fees between PAYE or CIS claims but in our comparison table we compared our blanket fees to our competitors, although technically correct it was mislabelled and not very clear, obviously as soon as this information came to light we immediately changed the comparison table to be much clearer.

In order to remain completely transparent to both our customers and our competitors, below is an unedited extract directly from the adjudication from the ASA. Continue reading

HMRC Calls Time on Unused PAYE Tax Schemes

In October HMRC announced that they would begin shutting down redundant Pay As You Earn or PAYE schemes in a bid to improve efficiency and save money. It was revealed that the tax body will now automatically shut down any PAYE account which is inactive for a period of 120 days or more.

paye tax scheme

The new development for HRMC will mostly affect health workers, shop workers and construction workers, whom are most commonly taxed using the PAYE tax system. Continue reading

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