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This is an introductory offer available to any individual who has not yet claimed with Express Tax Claims. The offer applies to the 2013/14 tax claim only. Tax claims for any other tax year will be subject to the normal fee structure as detailed on our website. Signed Terms of Business must be received by Express Tax Claims no later than 30th June 2014 to be eligible for the Special Introductory Offer. Continue reading

Changes to the CITB Levy.

The Construction Industry Training Board has announced HMRC are no longer supporting their levy deduction as of April 2014. In case you’re unfamiliar, the CITB is responsible for vocational training within the construction industry.

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For completing training they can impose a charge on employers or contractors to fund it’s operation. They also provide grants to training courses that are approved by them.

Contractors then usually try to recoup this outlay from subcontractors in the form of a deduction made from the gross invoice payment due to a contractor. For years now, this payment has been excluded from the ‘gross amount’ payment on the contractor’s monthly return.

HMRC have not only accepted this method of working but gone to extensive efforts to promote it, for example within its published guidance booklet ‘CIS340 – Construction Industry Scheme. Guide for contractors and subcontractors’. Continue reading

According to new research from CITB, the UK will see more than 182,000 new jobs in construction open up over the next five years, thanks to huge demand for new homes. This will lead to an influx of PAYE and CIS tax claims as the growing industry places more builders and workers into temporary building sites.

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The Construction Skills Network Forecast from CITB demonstrates that a third of the UK’s entire construction output until 2018 will be the building of new homes. CITB cited the government’s Help to Buy Scheme as having a positive effect on the construction industry, but highlighted the need for more sustained investment in industrial projects and long-term infrastructure to ensure secured growth after 2015.

The report has been welcomed by the construction industry across the UK following a year in which more than 40,000 construction jobs were lost as the volume of public non-housing construction being undertaken dramatically reduced. Continue reading

6 Arrested in Tax Evasion Scandal

An investigation into a construction and design business allegedly linked to the Mafia has led to the arrests of six people. The group, which is believed to have undertaken construction work in a number of high-profile properties including the Tuscan home of ‘Police’ singer Sting and his wife Trudi Styler.

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On Wednesday Florence police seized goods and property worth over £9 million and took the men into custody on suspicion of attempting to secure construction contracts by offering knock down prices through false invoicing and tax evasion. Continue reading

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