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Many construction workers are not aware of their rights to claim for a CIS tax refund. This can lead to construction sites being sometimes rather unhappy places. Read on to discover just how a construction site can be a good place to work.

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Construction sites are busy, stressful places as a matter or normality. This is fine, but if you have been given extra responsibility or a promotion for this new year then there are some things you need to ensure are happening on your site to guarantee its smooth running. Continue reading

Since the launch of Express Tax Claims’ new marketing campaign, the feedback has been fantastic. With many clients requesting site visits, this week Express Tax Claims decided to hit the road and pay some of these sites a visit.

Two members of the team, Mandy and Lee, loaded up their hard hats and high-vis jackets, and paid a visit to some local sites. First stop, Clarendon Homes in East Malling. Although presented with a rather muddy entrance, once negotiated, a warm welcome was offered inside. With pen and pad at hand, a number of construction workers quickly took the opportunity to give their details to qualify for rebates.

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