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PAYE Construction Workers – Don’t Miss Out On your PAYE Tax Entitlements!

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PAYE Construction Workers! Are you missing out on tax rebates that could save you hundreds of pounds every year? If you work under PAYE tax as a temporary construction worker you could be claiming paye tax back on a host of expenses including travel, accommodation, food and equipment. Take a  look at the information below to find out everything you need to know about what you could be claiming for and how to claim and make sure you don’t miss out on your entitlements.

Tax Claims for PAYE Construction Workers

Recent changes to tax legislation means it’s now possible for PAYE construction workers to make backdated claims for a number of expenses dating back to a period of four years. This means that workers can benefit from reclaiming tax on travel, food, accommodation and equipment that they have spent money on over the last four years, provided that they were working on a temporary site. A construction worker tax claim can be made for the following:


Whether your employer has offered you an accommodation bursary or not you can claim tax rebates for the money you spend on a place to live whilst you’re working on a temporary site. This could be a claim against the cost of renting an apartment or staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast.


It’s now possible to make a claim for travel expenses for both cars and public transport. If you drive to and from work each day you can claim back a fuel allowance that will cover a percentage of the cost of travel. If you use public transports you can claim a percentage of the price of your daily travel tickets.


If you buy lunch at work each day in a staff canteen or buy a sandwich on the way to work, you can make a claim towards the cost. Some employers may offer a sustenance bursary but anyone can make a claim even if they already receive a food budget.


When working on a construction site it’s easy for protective clothing and equipment to be damaged. If you need to replace equipment that’s been damaged on a site you’re working on you can claim for this too. For example you can make a claim towards the cost of new boots, visibility clothing or protective gloves.

Expert Assistance

If you didn’t know about the claims you could make then take full advantage by backdating any claim you make for a period of four years. You can enlist the help of an expert tax claims company to help you, so you won’t need to worry about gathering records and receipts. Historically, the majority of claims made on behalf of construction workers by a professional tax claims company are successful, so it’s well worth the minimal fee they charge.

In these tough economic times every penny counts ensure you take advantage of every money saving opportunity available and let a professional tax claims company like us help you get your hands on your rightful tax rebates. Why not start by trying our handy tax rebate calculator on our homepage?

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