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PAYE Construction Workers – Why you need to Hire a Tax Refund Specialist

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Tax Refund For Construction WorkersIf you’re a PAYE construction worker then like thousands of others you could be missing out on hard, cold cash by not making a PAYE tax claims for everything that you can. If you work on a temporary site, that is for twenty four months or less, you can claim back tax on a whole host of things you might not have thought of.

You can claim back tax on transport, accommodation, subsistence, even on replacing damaged protective clothing. You can claim back cash dating back over the last four years, but like most people if you didn’t know about the breaks, you won’t have bothered holding onto receipts, records and documentation that you’ll need to make a claim.

The Role of a Tax Refund Specialist

If you’re a PAYE construction worker you can hire a tax refund specialist to handle a claim on your behalf, whether or not you have the necessary documentation dating back four years. Research has shown that the majority of claims made by specialist companies are successful and that includes those that come without documents.

Although it is possible to make a claim yourself, for a small fee you can make your life much easier and increase your chances of success by handing over the task to a professional company.

They will have the skills and expertise necessary to correctly fill out complex claim forms and will ensure they’re up to date with all current legislation so you don’t miss out on new developments that could benefit you.

In fact, the most reputable companies are so confident of tax success that they operate on a no-rebate, no-fee basis and charge a small percentage of the value of your rebate once it has been awarded.

What you could be claiming for

PAYE construction workers employed on a site temporarily – that is for a period of two years or less- can claim back tax on the following:


You can claim back a percentage of the cost of accommodation whilst working at a temporary site, even if your employer has provided a grant. In addition you can claim for subsistence, in other words for the cost of feeding yourself whilst at work, whether or not the company you are working for has supplied you with a food allowance.


If your protective clothing or equipment is damaged you may be able to make a claim against the cost of replacements. For example if your reflective jacket or reinforced work boots are damaged you can claim on the cost of buying new ones.


If you drive to work every day or use public transport you can claim back tax on the cost of petrol or the cost of your train or bus ticket. The amount you can claim will depend on the number of miles travelled if you drive your own vehicle or on the total cost of transport tickets for a specified time period if you use public transport.

The most attractive benefit of using a professional tax claims specialist is that they can make a claim on your behalf even if you don’t have the right receipts and records, which means you can make a claim quickly and easily and get your hands on the reclaimed tax your owed for a small fee.

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