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Express Tax Claims Take a Walk on the Construction Side

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Since the launch of Express Tax Claims’ new marketing campaign, the feedback has been fantastic. With many clients requesting site visits, this week Express Tax Claims decided to hit the road and pay some of these sites a visit.

Two members of the team, Mandy and Lee, loaded up their hard hats and high-vis jackets, and paid a visit to some local sites. First stop, Clarendon Homes in East Malling. Although presented with a rather muddy entrance, once negotiated, a warm welcome was offered inside. With pen and pad at hand, a number of construction workers quickly took the opportunity to give their details to qualify for rebates.

From this promising start it was off to Taylor Wimpy in Maidstone, to see who else could be helped. Mandy and Lee quickly discovered a competitor had already visited to assist employees. Undeterred, it soon became apparent that the fees requested by this competitor were somewhat extortionate in comparison! Understanding that when using Express Tax Claims the savings could be greater, workers again gave their details, leading to a number of potential new clients. In fact, the success here was so great, that a second visit has been arranged.

With such positive feedback, next week, Express Tax Claims will be venturing out again to see how many more workers will benefit from rebates. Watch this space for more good news!

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