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If you’re a PAYE construction worker employed on a temporary site, you could be claiming paye tax rebates on a number of expenses dating back over a period of four years. If you’re working or worked on a site for 24 months or less then you are eligible to make a claim. Make sure to utilise our tax rebate calculator to find out how much you could claim.

Construction Worker Tax Claim

Although it’s fairly simple to ascertain what you can make a construction worker tax claim for, the process of claiming is far more complex. It’s possible to do it yourself, but the problem with this particular claim is that it needs to be dated back four years in order to make the most of the funds available. This requires the claimant to either somehow find tax, receipts and evidence of their expenditure over the last 48 months, or leave it to a dedicated expert like ourselves to make a claim on their behalf, without having to put much effort into form filling or backdating in order to get the result they want.

You’ll find specialist tax claims companies like ETC dealing specifically with the type of tax claim you want to make with staff that have extensive experience in the field. Although tax claims companies do charge a fee, which is normally a small percentage of the rebate you get, they have an extremely high success rate when it comes to securing backdated claims for PAYE construction workers. If you’re not sure exactly what it is you’re missing out on by failing to claim, then take a look at the following expenses that you could be getting a tax rebate for:

Travel and Transportation

Claim Tax For Travel Mileage

Whether you use public transport or drive your own vehicle to and from work you can get a tax rebate for a percentage of the money it costs you. If you drive a car you can claim a mileage allowance based on the price of fuel and the number of miles you travel. Public transport users can claim back some of the cost of their ticket each day.


Believe it or not you can claim back some of the cost of food you purchase at work. That could be the price of a daily supermarket sandwich or canteen meal. This applies even if you’ve been given a daily food budget by your employer.


When working on a temporary site construction workers often need to live in temporary accommodation like rented apartments or B&B’s, which can become very expensive even if your employer has given you an accommodation bursary. You can make a claim against the cost of your accommodation for the entire period that you’re working on a site.

Protective Clothing

Claim Tax For ClothingProtective clothing can be lost or damaged when on site. You can get a rebate for a percentage of the cost of replacement. For example you could claim for the cost of replacing a reflective jacket, steel toe capped boots or protective gloves.

If you’re a PAYE construction worker then make sure you make the most of your next claim and enlist the help of a professional tax company.

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    I was not aware that you could claim for clothing as well, :-)

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