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Construction Tax Refund Secrets

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construction tax refundIf you’re a PAYE construction worker then you could be kissing goodbye to hundreds of pounds each year in a potential unclaimed construction tax refund. Provided you work as a self-employed construction worker on a temporary site you can claim for a whole host of things that will give you extra financial support in your day to day life.

Read on to find out the tax secrets that every construction worker should know and make sure you don’t miss out on the money you’re entitled to.

Construction Tax Refund? What Can I Claim For?

PAYE construction workers can claim for a number of things when working on temporary sites. If you work on a site for twenty four months or less it’s classed as temporary and you’re eligible to make a claim. You can claim tax back on:

Road Mileage

If you drive to and from work every day you can make a tax claim for mileage allowance whether or not you’ve been given a bursary by your employer. You can claim back a percentage of the fuel costs of each mile you drive and could end up with a few hundred pounds at the end of the year depending on the distance you travel.

Public Transport

A claim can be made if you use public transport to travel to work and in some cases you can claim the entire cost of your travel tickets for the period you work on site.


Every time you buy a sandwich on site or pop out for lunch you could be claiming back the cost of the food you buy even if you’re given a food budget by your employer. If you buy lunch every day, over time the money you claim could add up to a significant sum.


PAYE workers can claim on the cost of accommodation whether or not they’ve been provided with funds by their employer. When you live in B&B’s or rented accommodation whilst carrying out a job it can become extremely expensive so claiming some of the money you spend back will really help out.

Safety Gear

Although you can’t make a claim to buy brand new safety gear if you’re just starting out on a job, if the safety equipment and clothing you do have is damages, lost or stolen whilst you’re at work you can claim on the cost of buying replacements so you can easily afford purchasing new work boots, safety gloves high visibility clothing.

What if I don’t have receipts?

In most cases you’ll be able to make a claim for a construction tax refund dating back up to four years, but if you don’t have all the receipts and documents you need the process can be quite complex. However, you can employ the services of a claims company who will carry out a claim on your behalf even if you don’t have proper records of all your transactions. Although you will be charged a percentage of the value of any money you receive, the small fee is well worth the time, stress and hassle you’ll save by handing over your tax claim to a professional.


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