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Barratt will make extra 3000 Jobs after Budget

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After this years budget taking place a few weeks ago, finally some positive news and support from MP’s for the construction industry.

new paye workers to enter the sector

The Help to Buy scheme is doing so improving the economy so hugely that it’s existence has been extended another few years, taking us to 2020, at least.

This news has culminated in several statements from building companies making claims about job prospects, however Barratt Developments, Britains biggest builder, say they will be able to create upwards of 3000 new jobs due to this announcement.

The number of sites the company work on is set to increase from the current 380 to around 450 to boost building rates. To be specific, that would mean their site staff numbers would soar as would subcontracting opportunities to around 21,000 from 18,000 at the end of last year. Unarguably impressive we think you’ll agree.

This company, amongst others is riding high, after last year introducing another 3000 new jobs when they majorly stepped up construction on homes due to the 40% average site sales and more, in certain geographical areas.

Barratt aren’t only supporting experienced construction workers, but those just starting out too. Earlier this year they announced 1,100 graduates, apprentices and trainee positions to be filled over the next three years to ensure they have properly qualified individuals. This will also play its part in helping the thousands of job-hunting youngsters under 26 to find work in a trade they can stay part of, for life.

Mark Clare, CEO at Barratt Homes commented,  “As the land we are buying today is for the homes we will be building in 2016 and beyond, the industry needed a longer term framework for Help to Buy.

“We can now invest with more confidence and continue to increase production creating 3,000 new jobs on our sites, and also supporting the 5,500 supplier companies that work with us.”

This article may, if you’re smart, provoke you to go and have a chat with your local Barratt site to see if you might be able to get a long-term contract there. If you get lucky you might want to get your tax’s in order before you commence the new job. This is where we come in. Whether you are self-employed or a PAYE construction worker you may still be due a paye tax rebate and you won’t know if you don’t try, right? Visit our website to use our paye tax calculator to find out how much you could be owed and get in touch and let us do the work for you to get cash back that you are entitled to.

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