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Some tax rebate companies who were entrusted to make rebates on behalf of their construction working clients, are having to pay thousands to HMRC. This is due to false or over exaggerated tax claims, and as a result their clients may also be paying. Does it affect you?

Since the introduction of the new coalition government, HMRC have been instructed to look at all possible ways in which they can increase revenue. Two ways they can achieve this are either by collecting more new tax, or reducing the amount of benefit they pay out. With the closure of all local tax offices, HMRC’s resources are limited, making all their enquiries a very long and difficult process.

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Tax Codes

HMRC make mistakes. Once a mileage claim has been submitted, HMRC have the inaccurate view that you will visit the exact same sites and accrue the exact same mileage the following tax year. Based upon this assumption, they will change your standard tax code of 810L to a different code. In 9 out of 10 cases, if this incorrect code isn’t changed back, it will result in you paying an additional lump sum of tax at the end of the year. So don’t get caught out by HMRC’s mistakes – get in touch with Express Tax Claims to check your tax code free of charge.

In some cases employers pay their staff mileage expenses for travelling to sites in their own vehicle. In most cases, however, those staff members are not aware that they are often entitled to claim even more mileage expenses from HMRC, even as PAYE. By introducing employees to Express Tax Claims, we could make employers look like they’re offering employees a sizeable payrise. The average annual tax rebate is £1,200 and with the ability to backdate claims 4 years, the first claim could be substantial.

Competitive Fees

We are Express Tax Claims, leading mileage claims specialists. We are experts in claiming tax refunds for construction workers who work on temporary work sites. This is a complex area of tax and there are lots of rules and regulations to consider before submitting a claim and obtaining a tax rebate. With over 7 years experience and thousands of successful claims, Express is ideally placed to make a claim for you. On top of this we are very competitive and on a refund of £1,500 our fee would be £299. Use Express Tax Claims and save £205.

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