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HMRC Calls Time on Unused PAYE Tax Schemes

In October HMRC announced that they would begin shutting down redundant Pay As You Earn or PAYE schemes in a bid to improve efficiency and save money. It was revealed that the tax body will now automatically shut down any PAYE account which is inactive for a period of 120 days or more.

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The new development for HRMC will mostly affect health workers, shop workers and construction workers, whom are most commonly taxed using the PAYE tax system. Continue reading

Three Simple Steps to a Tax Rebate

If you’re a self-employed construction worker then you could be entitled to tax rebates on a number of expenses! Tax is big news in the media at the moment as more and more giant multinational companies and global behemoths are getting away with paying minuscule amounts of tax, whilst the average blue collar worker is forced to pay through the nose.

So why not make like the fat cats and make the most of your tax entitlements? Believe it or not you can make a claim for a rebate on sustenance, travel, accommodation, equipment replacement and more – so if you’re not taking full advantage when it comes to tax then take a look at the following three steps that will tell you how to get your cash back quickly, easily and with no hassle. Continue reading

PAYE Construction Workers! Are you missing out on tax rebates that could save you hundreds of pounds every year? If you work under PAYE tax as a temporary construction worker you could be claiming paye tax back on a host of expenses including travel, accommodation, food and equipment. Take a  look at the information below to find out everything you need to know about what you could be claiming for and how to claim and make sure you don’t miss out on your entitlements. Continue reading

Claim CIS Tax Back?

Few people would claim to enjoy doing their taxes and when the goal posts change, it can make the whole process even more complex and stressful! The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is the latest tax initiative introduced by the government with the intent of transforming the tax system for contractors and sub-contractors.

Take a look below if you’d like to get your head around CIS with a few quick and easy bullet points – and discover why you should consult a specialist claims company about a CIS tax rebate. Continue reading

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