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5 Tax Secrets of Construction Industry Workers

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Construction Workers

All too often ordinary hard working folk miss out on extra money because they don’t know enough about the tax claims they could be making.

There are thousands of people undertaking temporary contracts within the construction industry. This means they are classed as self-employed and must carry out their own tax returns.

But the world of taxation is a complex place and all too often PAYE workers simply don’t have the knowledge or expertise necessary to ensure they’re making all the claims they’re entitled to.

However, tax savvy construction workers throughout the UK are making sure they make the most of tax claims by employing the services of an independent company to make claims on their behalf and utilise their expertise to ensure that hard work is rewarded to the full.

If you’re just starting out as a self – employed worker in the construction industry you could be reaping the rewards by claiming back tax on a whole host of things, so make sure you don’t miss out and read on to discover the 5 tax secrets of construction industry employees.

Tax Benefits

Those in the know within the construction industry are claiming back tax on all sorts of things that you may not be aware of. Here are the top five claims that many PAYE construction workers overlook.

1. Accommodation

When you’re working on a temporary site it’s often necessary to stay in temporary accommodation. You can claim back tax on the money you spend on living quarters, even if your employer provides you with a grant.

 2. Subsistence

PAYE construction workers can claim back tax on subsistence, so every time you buy a sandwich to eat on site or enjoy a slap up meal in the company canteen you can make a claim for the money you spend, whether or not you’ve been provided with a food allowance by your employer.

3. Equipment

If you’re essential equipment, such as work boots, reflective jacket or tools are damaged whilst you’re at work, you can make a claim against the cost of replacements, but unfortunately, you can’t claim if you’re buying brand new rather than replacing.

4. Mileage

If you travel to work by car you can claim a mileage allowance for the cost of running your transport. Similarly, you can claim back tax on the cost of using public transport.

5. Quick Claims

You can claim back tax on any of these things for the last four years or more, whether or not you’ve got all the necessary documentation. However, making a claim without receipts etc can be complex so most PAYE workers employ an independent company to do it on their behalf. Research shows that the majority of claims made by professional claim companies are successful, even where documentation can’t be provided.

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