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All construction workers are in risk in terms of fuel theft. It doesn’t only cause damage to your vehicles but also lead to a loss of money and an extra tax load. The key is to educate people, make them aware. Also if you have been paying for your own transportation and fuel then you are entitled to a tax refund. You can easily submit your tax return by using our online tax return services.

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If you work in construction the chances are you are required to drive vehicles on site regularly. With fuel theft increasing on a weekly basis your industry is one of the largest at risk. Fuel fraud or even laundering is also now some of the most popular crimes being committed, so every one on site, whatever their role needs to be more vigilant. Some site managers may be tempted to buy batches of cheap fuel, however most of the laundered fuel has been filtered through chemicals or acid that does real damage to fuel pumps in vehicles, costing thousands to rectify.

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Many construction workers are not aware of their rights to claim for a CIS tax refund. This can lead to construction sites being sometimes rather unhappy places. Read on to discover just how a construction site can be a good place to work.

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Construction sites are busy, stressful places as a matter or normality. This is fine, but if you have been given extra responsibility or a promotion for this new year then there are some things you need to ensure are happening on your site to guarantee its smooth running. Continue reading

Changes to the CITB Levy.

The Construction Industry Training Board has announced HMRC are no longer supporting their levy deduction as of April 2014. In case you’re unfamiliar, the CITB is responsible for vocational training within the construction industry.

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For completing training they can impose a charge on employers or contractors to fund it’s operation. They also provide grants to training courses that are approved by them.

Contractors then usually try to recoup this outlay from subcontractors in the form of a deduction made from the gross invoice payment due to a contractor. For years now, this payment has been excluded from the ‘gross amount’ payment on the contractor’s monthly return.

HMRC have not only accepted this method of working but gone to extensive efforts to promote it, for example within its published guidance booklet ‘CIS340 – Construction Industry Scheme. Guide for contractors and subcontractors’. Continue reading

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