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Judge Charged With Money LaunderingA man who absconded before he could be tried for money laundering and then spent a decade on the run has finally been sentenced. After appearing on HM Revenue and Customs’ Most Wanted list in 2012, Anthony Judge was arrested after returning to the UK on a fake passport in July this year.

In 2002 when Mr Judge, who was living in Liverpool at the time, and two others were stopped at the Eurotunnel outbound controls in 2002 they were searched by customs officers. The search resulted in the discovery of Euros worth more than £360,000 concealed inside a spare tyre in the boot. After some analysis, the notes showed a high level of heroin contamination. Judge and his accomplices where arrested and later charged with money laundering offences. Continue reading

A carpenter from Portsmouth has been jailed for 5 months after deciding to try and cheat the system with his tax claims and getting caught red handed by the HMRC.

tax claim fraudWhen submitting multiple Self Assessment tax returns with the view to steal thousands of pounds in illegal tax rebates. Oliver Ford, 28, lied about his turnover, tax deductions and expenses resulting in £19,469.96 being wrongly awarded to him by HM Revenue and Customs. The illegal repayment claims amounting to £26,405.66 were for June 2008 to November 2012. £19,469.96 was actually paid to him. Other payments were withheld as part of the HMRC investigation. Continue reading

If you’re a PAYE construction worker employed on a temporary site, you could be claiming paye tax rebates on a number of expenses dating back over a period of four years. If you’re working or worked on a site for 24 months or less then you are eligible to make a claim. Make sure to utilise our tax rebate calculator to find out how much you could claim.

Construction Worker Tax Claim

Although it’s fairly simple to ascertain what you can make a construction worker tax claim for, the process of claiming is far more complex. It’s possible to do it yourself, but the problem with this particular claim is that it needs to be dated back four years in order to make the most of the funds available. This requires the claimant to either somehow find tax, receipts and evidence of their expenditure over the last 48 months, or leave it to a dedicated expert like ourselves to make a claim on their behalf, without having to put much effort into form filling or backdating in order to get the result they want. Continue reading

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