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There is an ambitious plan for Wales that means there will be lots of new contracts up for grabs. Before starting on a new site it’s always worth checking your accessibility to tax rebate as thousands goes unclaimed every year. Let’s look at the details:

tax rebate for construction workers

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Within the budget a few weeks ago George Osborne announced there would be extra cash for road and flood defence repairs, which is unsurprising after the awful sights of Somerset earlier this year. £140 million to repair the damaged flood defences was proposed as well as a £200 million fund for pothole repairs. Although many have met this with skepticism, surely it’s a start?

claiming tax back for small house builders

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After this years budget taking place a few weeks ago, finally some positive news and support from MP’s for the construction industry.

new paye workers to enter the sector

The Help to Buy scheme is doing so improving the economy so hugely that it’s existence has been extended another few years, taking us to 2020, at least.

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Kingdom Tower: The Breakdown

There aren’t many occasions in the construction industry that you can get upset about. However the proposed Kingdom Tower is one of those times.

kingdom tower workers to get tax rebate

The futuristic skyscraper, proposed originally in2010, is planned to be 3000ft tall and be built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at a cost of around £1.2 billion. However, engineers are struggling to get their heads around this massive task by experimenting with steel structures as well as pumping wet concrete up to half a mile into the sky. The weight is also an issue raised by the experts, so will they be able to get around it?  Continue reading

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